Achieving rapid economic development of the country as well as a balanced provincial development and executing development programmes with the aim of infrastructure development for the benefit of the people living in the area , whilst minimizing anomalies at local areas, extending the maximum contribution to achieve the overall objectives of the ministry through coordination and maintaining healthy relationships with allied institutions, effectively utilizing the annual grants for the training and development

Functions :

  1. Identifying , planning and execution of  training programmes required for the capacity building of  the staff  of  the Ministry
  2. Identifying the priority projects by analyzing the requirements of the local authorities
  3. Distributing of grants allocated by the annual budget to each province in an scientific manner and identifying and executing related projects on priority basis
  4. Preparation of project concept papers for urgent and essential projects and submission them for the approval of  the department of Policy Planning
  5. Execution and monitoring  of approved projects
  6. Conducting progress review meetings of executed projects
  7.   Maintaining sound coordination with  other divisions of the ministry and external institutions
  8. Submitting of progress status reports to public institutions including Presidential office, Prime Minister’s office and the Finance Ministry

Programmes/Projects  to be Launched-2017

  1. Improvement of 1000Km of rural roads-2017
  2. Capitol project to improve the infrastructure of local government institutes
  3. Development support to  local government authorities with low perfpormance-2017
  4. National programme for strengthening Provincial Councils- 2017
  5. Waste water drainage system development with Colombo Municipal Council ( Shangri-La Hotel)
  6. Reinstatement of ‘Seth Sevena’ adults home
  7. Construction of wastewater drainage system at Eastern province
  8. Library development Programme