Development of Infrastructure in Education

No. Development Activity Output


Number of constructed/ renovated classrooms

02 Number of constructed / renovated  Zonal Eduction office buildings 26
03 Number of constructed / renovated  Divisional Education office buildings 43
04 Number of computers and computer equipment (UPS, scanners, printers etc.) 4758
05 Number of tables / chairs distributed among class rooms of schools 56318
06 Number of office furniture (tables, chairs, cupboards etc.) distributed among schools and education offices 8366
07 Number of vehicles distributed among Provincial Educational Institutes and Zonal / Divisional education offices 20
08 Other office equipment distributed among school as and education offices (fax machines, photocopiers, multimedia projectors, cameras etc.) 782
09 Number of sports equipment distributed among schools and  equipment distributed among laboratories / Home Science Laboratories 290495

Health Sector Improvement

No. Development Activity Output
01 Designing of a computer database 205
02 Establishment of Emergency Treatment Units and improvement of existing Emergency Treatment Units 196
03 Improvement of maternal emergency treatment units 83
04 Conduct of public awareness programmes 9996
05 Procurement of medical equipment and other essential equipment 89670
06 Conduct of medical clinics 1892
07 Renovation of drug stores and supply of medical drugs 492

Formalization of Solid Waste Management

No. Development Activity Output
01 Number of constructed compost yards 10
02 Number of Bob Cat machines distributed among Local Authorities 09
03 Number of household compost bins distributed among Local Authorities 7200

Strengthening emergency Disaster Responsive Network

No. Development Activity Output
01 Number of firefighting tanks distributed among Local Authorities (Matale Municipal Council and Vavuniya Urban Council) 02
02 Number of ambulances distributed among Local Authorities  (Colombo, Matale and Jaffna Municipal Councils  and Vavuniya and Ampara Urban Councils) 05
03 Rennovation of Fire Extinguishing Unit buildings (Jaffna Municipal Council) 01%

Provincial/ Rural roads and bridge development

No. Development Activity Output
01 Length of the improved provincial roads 253 Km
02 Number of constructed and rehabilitated rural roads  (tar, concrete, gravel) 1835
  Number of bridges / culverts constructed under rural roads  
  Number of side walls constructed under rural roads 114
03 Number of constructed rural bridges (6m - 30m) 76

Development of Irrigation (Iranamadu - Kilinochchi)

No. Development Activity Output
01 Distance of the completed main irrigation canals 255 Km
02 Distance of the other completed irrigation canals 135 Km
03 Number of bridges / culverts constructed across irrigation canals 210
04 Increasing the height of the main dam of Iranamadu reservoir and repairs Completed 50%
05 Rehabilitation of the spillway gates and spills of Iranamadu reservoir
06 Construction of the Rip Rap Protection of Iranamadu reservoir
07 Rehabilitation of  Iranamadulift irrigation scheme

Rehabilitation of the Waste Water Systems (Administrative area of Colombo Municipal Council)

No. Development Activity Output
01 Rehabilitation of the two major drains that waste water is released to the sea (Wellawatta and Muthuwella) 100%
02 Distance that laying of waste water lines is completed (Seevaliee Mawatha and Saranapalahimi Mawatha, Colombo) 662 m
03 Distance that clearing of waste water system and quality survey  of waste water drainage system has been completed CCTV 105 Km

Improvement of Infrastructure facilities of Local Authorities

No. Development Activity Output
01 Number of constructed / developed weekly fairs  154
02 Number of constructed / developed weekly fairs and trade business establishments 24
03 Number of constructed / developed tourist attractive places 10
04 Number of constructed  bus stands / vehicle parks 17
05 Number of constructed libraries 72
06 Number of constructed  Ayurvedic medical centres and medical centres 44
07 Number of constructed relaxation centres public toilets 124
08 Number of constructed day care centres 16
09 Number of constructed public buildings 103
10 Number of constructed water projects 63
11 Number of constructed  crematoriums 01
12 Number of constructed parks / play grounds 43
13 Number of constructed Cultural centres 04
14 Number of constructed office buildings 04
15 Number of constructed drainage systems 218
16 Number of constructed front offices (within 108 Local Authorities) 108

Reforms of the Legislation of Provincial Councils and Local Government

No. Development Activity Output
01  Adoption of the act on confirming 25% female representation for Local Governance at the parliament. Completed
02 Formulation of a code of conduct for the members of Provincial Councils Completed
03 Appointment of a committee to amend the statutes of Urban Councils, Municipal Councils, Prsdeshiya Sabhas and taking measures to make timely proposals for the relevant amendments 70% Completed 
04 Amendment of Local Authority Election Ordinance 90% Completed
05 Amendment of Provincial Councils Election 90% Completed
06 Taking measures to amend Pradeshiya Sabha Act to benefit welfare of estate workers 80% Completed
07 Amendment of Provincial Councils Act to formalize and expedite the flow of tax; that is levied as court fine and stamp duties on transfer of lands to Local Authorities 50% Completed

Activities of National Delimitation Committee

No. Development Activity Output
01  Completion of the works of the investigation committee of the appeals on delimitation of wards in Local Authorities appointed to investigate the complains/ suggestions/ appeals regarding the correctness of the boundaries of Local Authorities published in the gazette based on the report of the National Delimitation Committee The report is to be submitted to Honourable Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government in January 2017. 

Human Resource Development of the Ministry

No. Development Activity Output
01 Number of officers referred for foreign capacity building training programmes 29
02 Number of officers referred for local capacity building training programmes 123

Conduct of training progammes for the members/ officers f Local Authorities (Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance/ SLILG)

No. Development Activity Output
01 Number of trainings for officers  (Technical Officers, work  supervisors and other non-technical staff) supervisors and other non-technical staff) 168

Grant of Loans for Local Authorities on concessionary basis (Local Loan and Development Fund (LLDF)

No. Development Activity Output
01 Loan granted for the development projects of Local Authorities Rs. 144 Mn